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Redirect users to a custom URL from the 2FA wizard

By default, when a user completes setting up their 2FA configuration, they are usually redirected back to one of the below:

  • their profile page if using the admin only wizard (available in the WordPress dashboard)
  • the custom 2FA setup page if users cannot access the WordPress admin pages (dashboard)

However, you can specify a custom URL to where the user should be redirected when completing the 2FA setup. This document explains the two options you have to redirect users.

Redirect users to a custom URL upon completion of 2FA setup globally

The 1st setting (seen below) controls the URL users are redirected to globally. This applies to all the users who complete their 2FA setup.

redirect users to a custom url upon completion of 2fa setup globally

Overriding the global redirect within a custom page

If you would like to redirect the users who configure 2FA via a front-end form to a different URL, you can control this via the  setting found under the custom profile pages settings seen below:

overriding the global redirect within a custom page