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What is the user 2FA status?

When you install the WP 2FA plugin on your website a new column called 2FA Status is added to your user list view on WordPress. In this column, you can see what is the 2FA status of a user. The column is highlighted in the below screenshot.

what is the user 2fa status

The WP 2FA plugin has the following user 2FA statuses:

  • Configured: The user has successfully configured 2FA
  • Configured (but not required): The user has configured 2FA however they are not required to configure 2FA
  • Required but  not configured: The user is required to configure 2FA via the 2FA policies but has not configured 2FA yet
  • Not required: The user is not required to configure and user 2FA
  • Not allowed: The user is not allowed to configure 2FA
  • Locked: The user is required to configure 2FA but has not configured it within the required time, hence they were locked
  • User has not logged in yet, 2FA status is unknown: Since WP 2FA updates user status on login, if the user has not logged in since policy configuration, the status will be listed as unknown

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