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How to configure the retention of MainWP activity logs

The Activity Logs for MainWP extension has two functions:

  • it keeps a log of changes that happen on the MainWP dashboard,
  • enables you to see the WordPress activity logs of all child websites on the network.

This blog post explains how you can configure the retention policy for the activity logs of the MainWP dashboard, i.e. the logs of changes that happen on the MainWP dashboard. To configure the retention policies of the child sites’ activity logs, refer to configuring the WordPress activity logs retention policies.

Configuring the MainWP activity logs retention policy

To configure the MainWP activity logs retention policy setting:

  • Navigate to Activity LogExtension settings,
  • Scroll down to the MainWP database activity logs management,
  • Select the option Prune events older than and specify the number of months or years.
  • Click the Save Settings button to save the new retention policy.
MainWP activity logs retention policy

For how long should you keep the MainWP activity logs?

This really depends on your business and requirements. Refer to managing WordPress activity logs best practices for more detailed information on this subject, so you can make an informed decision.