Activity Log for MainWP

See what your customers & users are doing on WordPress child sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard.

Use the Activity Log For MainWP extension to see the WordPress activity logs of all child sites and keep a log of what is happening on your MainWP dashboard.

activity log for mainwp

A Central WordPress Activity Log for All MainWP Child Sites

MainWP is an invaluable tool administrators and agencies use to manage multiple WordPress sites from one central portal – the MainWP dashboard.

Add the Activity Log for MainWP extension and you will not have another blame game with your customers!

mainwp and wp activity log

Activity Log for MainWP has your back

mainwp extension backend
  • See the activity logs of all sites from the MainWP dashboard
  • Keep a central log of all changes users make when logged in to child sites
  • Keep a log of all child site changes done via the MainWP dashboard
  • Keep a log of changes done in MainWP dashboard & extensions

Centrally manage and standardize the settings of the activity log plugin installed on the child sites. Configure the below from the MainWP dashboard:

  • Retention policies
  • Disable specific event IDs
  • Login page notification
  • Other settings
mainwp extension dashboard

Benefits of Activity Logs for MainWP

Ease the troubleshooting of user and technical issues on child sites

Spot suspicious or malicious behavior on child websites before it becomes an issue

Keep track of which users are doing changes, when, and from where

Know exactly what your clients are doing on the MainWP child sites you manage!

The Activity Log for MainWP extension is a fully featured comprehensive activity log solution. It enables MainWP users to keep a log of changes that happen on the MainWP dashboard and also view the activity log of all child sites from the MainWP dashboard.

The MainWP extension is developed by the team behind WP Activity Log; the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin.

know what clients are doing on the mainwp child site

The Need for Activity Logs in MainWP & Child Sites

By keeping a central log of user and system activities on child sites, you can eliminate the guesswork that often follows incidents such as website breakdowns or security breaches. You’ll know exactly who did what and when, avoiding the unnecessary blame games that many WordPress agencies often have to deal with.

Avoid such situations, and save time and resources. Keep a record of everything that happens on your MainWP network and child sites in an activity log.

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve management of child sites & the MainWP network
  • Keep track of your work (and justify your charges)
  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Spot any suspicious behaviour before it becomes a malicious hack
  • And much more!

Start keeping an activity log of all your MainWP child sites

Activity Logs for MainWP is the only approved and official activity log extension for MainWP. You can download it for free and getting started only takes a few minutes. Keep a watchful eye on those WordPress sites!