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How Can I Get A Daily Digest Of The WordPress Activity Logs Via Email?

Our WordPress activity log plugin sends a daily activity log digest email. It is sent to the administrator configured in WordPress and it highlights what has happened on your WordPress site or multisite network the day before. This post details what information is included in the activity log daily digest email, how to enable or disable it, and how to configure to whom it is sent to.

Why do you need a daily activity log digest?

WP Activity Log is the most comprehensive activity log WordPress plugin, which means it keeps a log of a lot of changes that happen on your WordPress site. All of these events are useful if you need to troubleshoot an issue or look for something specific. Though it is impossible to manually review these events daily to filter out the highlights of the day. Hence why the plugin has a daily email notification with the day’s activity log highlights.

When is the activity log digest email sent?

The daily WordPress activity log digest email is sent every day at 01:00AM, an hour after midnight.

What information is included in the daily activity log digest email?

Below is a list of activity log highlights that are included in the daily email notification:

  • Users logins and their IP addresses
  • List of failed logins and from where they originated
  • Users password changes
  • List of new users created on site
  • List of user role changes
  • Multisite network activity
  • Admin plugins activity (activated / deactivated / installed / deleted)
  • Content Changes (new published content, content changes, deleted content)
  • File changes (new files added, existing files modified and deleted)

Configuring the daily activity log digest email recipients

The email is enabled by default in the premium edition of the activity log plugin and is sent to the email address of the user who installed the plugin. To add new recipients or change the existing list of recipients follow the below procedure:

  • navigate to the Email Notifications entry in the plugin menu
  • click on the Recommended Email Security Notifications tab
  • Specify the list of recipients in the Daily Summary of Activity Log as shown in the below screenshot
  • Click the Save Notification button to save the changes.
Configuring the daily activity log overview email notification

You can also disable the daily email notification by unticking the option send me a summary of what happens every day.

Daily Activity Log Highlight Email Example

Below is an example of the daily activity log highlight email sent by the WP Activity Log plugin.

Daily activity log highlight email