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Getting Started with WP Activity Log and MainWP

WP Activity Log offers out-of-the-box integration with MainWP. Through this integration, activities from child sites are reported to the Main site, enabling you to monitor all child site activities from one central location.

This guide is written for WP Activity Log version 5.0 and higher. Earlier versions used a separate extension called ‘Activity Logs for Main WP.’ This plugin is no longer supported. If you’re looking to upgrade, refer to the Upgrading from the pre-5.0 versions section below.

Step 1: Install WP Activity Log on child sites

First, install WP Activity Log on each of the child sites that you want to send activity logs from. Ensure you install version 5.0 or higher.

Step 2: Install WP Activity Log on the main site

Next, install WP Activity Log on the Dashboard site that’s running MainWP. Ensure that all child sites are connected to MainWP by following the instructions in the MainWP dashboard. There is no WP Activity-specific connection required.

Once WP Activity Log is installed and configured on the Dashboard site, it will automatically pull the newest 300 activities from each child site. If there are more than 300 activities, these will be propagated in the background until all Child site activities are present in the Dashboard site activity log.

Do note that since the activity log from each child site will be propagated to the Dashboard site, you might need to adjust the log retention policy to avoid running out of space. You might also want to consider connecting WP Activity Log to an external database.

Accessing child site activity logs from the MainWP Dashboard site

The Log Viewer can be access from the MainWP Dashboard or the WordPress dashboard.

To access the Log Viewer through the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WP Activity Log > Log Viewer. Use the Site drop-down menu to select the site you would like to view the activity log for.

On the other hand, to access the Log Viewer from the MainWP dashboard, simply click on Activity Log from the MainWP dashboard. Use the Site drop-down menu to select the site you would like to view the activity log for.

Additional settings

Enable MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode

When the WP Activity Log plugin is installed on a website on which there is the MainWP Child

plugin, the MainWP Stealth Mode is automatically enabled. When the stealth mode is enabled, the

WP Activity Log plugin:

  • Will be hidden from the list of installed plugins on the WordPress site
  • The plugin settings and WordPress activity log are restricted only to the administrator account used
  • to install the plugin
  • All types of admin notifications from the plugin will be suppressed

Upgrading from pre-5.0 versions

If you’re upgrading from a setup that used Activity Log for Main WP, refer to the upgrade notice, which includes instructions on the upgrade procedure.