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Getting started with WordPress User Session Management

Managing user sessions in WordPress helps you keep your users and website safer. Through policies and active management, you can:

  • See who is logged in to your website in realtime
  • Block multiple WordPress sessions
  • Terminate idle sessions to prevent hijacking
  • View users’ events
  • Terminate active sessions in real-time
  • Clean expired session data

You can view and manage WordPress user sessions in real-time through WP Activity Log. To get started, ensure that the applicable version is installed, then navigate to WP Activity Log > Logged In Users.

WordPress user session management

In the default view, you can see all the users that are logged in at the moment. The user role, the start time of the session, the session ID, and other details can be seen in this view.

Managing WordPress users’ sessions with policies

In the Users Sessions Management tab, you’ll find all of the tools you need to actively manage your users’ sessions and/or create policies to automate everything.

WordPress session policies can be defined as a blanket policy for all users or per role. You can also limit the number of concurrent sessions for any single user, with multiple options available on how this should be handled.

Ensuring you stay in the loop at all times, automated notifications of simultaneous and blocked sessions also help you implement configured policies without having to monitor your WordPress actively.

Learn how to manage WordPress user sessions in greater depth by visiting the KB articles below:

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