WordPress CAPTCHA 4WP plugin benefits & features

CAPTCHA 4WP is a fully-customizable & easy to use CAPTCHA plugin for WordPress and e-Commerce websites, including WooCommerce sites. Here are all the features and benefits that make CAPTCHA 4WP the most powerful CAPTCHA solution.

captcha 4wp features
  • Compatibility with third party plugins

    Extensive compatibility with third party plugins

    Compatible with all WordPress forms and login pages, as well as with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, BuddyPress, bbPress, MailChimp for WordPress, and others.

  • Support for multiple CAPTCHA providers

    Support for multiple CAPTCHA providers

    Choose from multiple CAPTCHA service providers, including Google ReCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, and Cloudflare Turnstile – all can be integrated via the user-friendly wizard.

  • one click support

    One-click WooCommerce support

    Easily add CAPTCHA to the WooCommerce login, checkout, and other pages. You can also specify the position of the CAPTCHA test in the checkout page, and configure other parameters for more control over the look and feel.

  • CAPTCHA 4WP Geo-blocking


    Easily deny or allow WordPress and third-party form submissions from specific countries. You can also set action-based comment handling behavior based on country of submission for easier comment management and less spam.

  • Superior CAPTCHA user experience

    Superior CAPTCHA user experience

    Configure CAPTCHA failover so when the automated checks that require no human interaction fail, your customers’ journey is not interrupted. Instead they are prompted with another CAPTCHA to confirm they are not a bot.

  • Easy, quick installation and setup

    Easy, quick installation and setup

    No coding experience or editing is required. Simply follow the setup wizard to enter the CAPTCHA keys, and then select on which forms to add CAPTCHA tests. Everything can be done and set up within just a few clicks.

  • Protect WordPress login & password forms

    Protect WordPress login & password forms

    Protect your WordPress login pages and password forms from login brute force attacks, and automated bots trying to guess and reset passwords.

  • captcha fully configurable

    Fully configurable CAPTCHA solution

    Configure CAPTCHA to fit your requirements. You can change the language, the CAPTCHA score, error message, colors, size, CSS scripts and other aspects.

  • Spam comments protection

    Spam comments protection

    Avoid having thousands of spam comments automatically posted on your website. Add CAPTCHA to your website’s comments form so only real humans post and interact with your website.

  • captcha form

    Support for any type of form

    With CAPTCHA 4WP you can add CAPTCHA spam tests to any type of form you have on your website, even on custom PHP-built forms that are not running on WordPress.

  • white list ip

    Whitelist IP addresses, users & URLs

    Strike a balance between usability and security with CAPTCHA 4WP. Whitelist users or IP addresses and exempt your trusted users from CAPTCHA tests.

  • captcha support

    Professional world-class support

    Our professional support team is ready to help you. With an average response time of just 8 hours, you’re in capable hands should you require any assistance.