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Wordpress security survey 2023

Announcing WordPress Security Survey 2023

Following the success of last year’s survey, we are happy to announce that this year’s WordPress Security Survey is now live. The survey aims to gain a clearer picture of the state of WordPress security in 2023 as well as identify trends from last year’s survey. Just like we did with previous surveys, we will be publishing the results directly on our blog.

Survey purpose

Our last WordPress security survey, which we launched a little over a year ago, was a great success. We received a lot of positive feedback with the WordPress security survey results making for some interesting reading.

As proponents of strong WordPress security, we feel it’s important to understand how WordPress administrators and website owners manage their security and provide a true picture of the state of WordPress security to all of our readers.

Why should you participate?

WordPress security remains as important as ever. The more participants undertake the survey, the more accurate the results will be. This will allow us to publish WordPress security results that are inclusive of different environments, helping you and administrators like you identify potential security threats that you can rectify.

How to take part in the survey

The survey is open to anyone who owns or manages a WordPress website, and it runs until the 11th of July. We have made the survey as concise as possible, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete.

Are you attending WordCamp Europe? Take the survey at our booth for a chance to win a fantastic prize!

Take the survey

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