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Year Review 2021

2021: A year in review

2021 was touted as the year in which everything returns back to normality. Alas, this was not to be, as the developments we were hoping for didn’t fully materialize. 2021, however, was a year of hope in which human ingenuity triumphed over tragedy. While not all problems were fixed (they rarely, if ever, are) 2021 gave us time to reflect, plan, and act.

2021 was a busy year for WP White Security. We grew our team by two and our products by one. While it wasn’t an easy year, the team rose up to the challenge, and together we did our very best to make it a good, if not a great year.

The WP White Security team in 2021

A learn and grow mindset

At WP White Security, we embrace a culture of openness. Whether we are dealing with customers, technology, or each other, our mindset is always set on the learn-and-grow dial. This mindset has been critical to our development and success as individuals and a company, allowing us to keep on learning so that when the parameters change, we can continue rolling on.

The beginning of the year is a time of reflection and planning. Both are important. As Seneca once said, If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. We firmly believe that to reach the next port, we must know which port we left and which one we are sailing to.

Year in review

We consider our customers as partners in this journey and as such, saw it as only fitting to share our yearly review with you.
We sponsored and participated in the Atarim Web Agency Summit, with our very own Martin Krcho taking to the stage to speak about website security. We also released an update for Melapress Login Security.

In March, we also made our first hire of the year – Stoil who joined us as a senior plugin developer. With over 20 years of experience in development, Stoil has been a truly great addition to our team, and his contributions have allowed us to continue growing and improving our plugins.


We made our second hire for the year – Joel, who joined us as a Technical Writer. With experience in writing and technical roles, Joel has been working hard to bring our content efforts up to speed. He also assists with customer support duties, assisting customers with queries and the occasional issue.


September was a special month during which we made our very first acquisition – Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3). While we recognized that the plugin needed some work, we also understood its potential and in the very early days of 2022 relaunched the plugin as CAPTCHA 4WP.


In November, we opened our very first Beta Tester Community program, with the initial call garnering good interest. Starting with WP 2FA, the program offers participants early access to plugins as well as a free one-year license for selected testers who complete the testing.

Through this program, we can achieve wider testing in different environments while building a community of people with similar interests in WordPress security and administration.

This month also marked a new era for Password Policy Manager for WordPress, which underwent a rebranding exercise and was renamed to Melapress Login Security. This rebranding brought the plugin’s name and identity in line with its functionality after having received several updates since its introduction back in 2018.


December was a big month for WP 2FA. We launched a premium edition of the plugin, giving customers more options to choose from. We also added some amazing new features, including a trusted devices function and a serious expansion of the white labeling options. WP 2FA also received its own website, confirming our commitment to making WordPress websites safer than ever before.

Year in numbers

Number of WordPress security plugins: 6
Number of active installations: 400,000+
Number of paying customers: 7,000+
Number of employees: 6

Plugin updates released in 2021

We have some big plans for 2022, which we cannot wait to share with you all! Make sure you keep an eye on our blog, or even better, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know!

As we settle into our seats for 2022, we sincerely hope that you have the best year yet – one that is abundantly filled with everything you could wish for.

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  1. We are currently using WP Activity Log Premium with other WordPress plugins for password security. The login events from other plugins are not being logged by WP Activity log. If we use WP Password for login security, will all the account and login related events in WP Password be logged by WP Activity Log? Is there a discount for licensing WP Activity Log and WP Password together?

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