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Site users configuring two-factor authentication with WP 2FA

Setting up and using two-factor authentication (2FA) is very easy with the WP 2FA plugin; simply follow the wizard. This guide offers a detailed walk-through of the process.

Note for administrators: If your users do not have access to the WordPress dashboard and default user profile page, you can make the 2FA settings available on a website page. You can also use these WP 2FA plugin shortcodes to build your own 2FA setup and settings page.

Step 1: Launch the wizard

The WP 2FA configuration wizard can be launched in a number of different ways:

If you’re the administrator and have just configured WP 2FA policies, you can launch it straight from the setup wizard:

WP 2FA Administrator 2FA setup

Another option that is available to all users is to click the Configure 2FA button. You’ll easily find this in the Two-factor authentication settings section at the bottom of your WordPress profile page.

WP 2FA WordPress profile page configure button

Other methods may be available to you, depending on how the plugin has been configured by your administrator.

Step 2: Select a 2FA method

WP 2FA offers several 2FA authentication methods to choose from. Your administrator may have made one or more available to you. While you can choose any of the available methods, in this guide, we will be using the One-time code via 2FA app method.

WP 2FA setup choose 2FA method

Choose your preferred method and then click on NEXT STEP to continue.

Note: WP 2FA supports several 2FA apps, so you are not restricted to using only Google Authenticator. This is also convenient if you already use another 2FA app since you will not have to install a new app but simply add a new account to your existing app.

Step 3: Configure the selected 2FA method

In the second step of the wizard, you’ll find all of the instructions for what you need to do to set up your 2FA authentication method of choice. In this example, we need to launch the app and scan the QR code.

WP 2FA set up TOTP QR code

Note: Please refer to the WP 2FA – 2FA apps configuration guide for more detailed information on how to set up 2FA with popular apps we support.

Once you are ready from the above, click I’M READY. You’ll then proceed to the next step of the wizard.

Step 4: Verify your 2FA configuration

In this step, you’ll be asked to enter the one-time code generated from your app. This verifies that the codes match. If you chose a different 2FA authentication method, you will need to enter your 2FA authentication code as supplied by that method.

WP 2FA authentication code confirmation

Once ready, click on VALIDATE & SAVE to move to the next step.

Step 5: Configure your alternative 2FA method

If alternative 2FA methods have been made available to you, you can set them up now. Alternative 2FA methods enable you to log in to your WordPress account even if your primary 2FA method becomes unavailable (for example, your phone runs out of battery). Available options may include 2FA backup codes and code over email.

Choose your preferred alternative method and click on CONFIGURE BACKUP 2FA METHOD.

WP 2FA configure 2FA backup method

In this example, we will be choosing to receive a code via email. All we need to do now is to confirm our email address and click on SAVE 2FA BACKUP EMAIL ADDRESS.

WP 2FA backup method email confirmation

With that, the wizard is complete, and 2FA has now been fully configured for your account.

Logging in with 2FA

The next time you try to log in to WordPress, you’ll be prompted to enter your 2FA code after entering your username and password as follows:

WordPress 2FA login

Simply enter your code in the Authentication Code field and click on Log in. Alternatively, if you need to use your 2FA backup method, simply choose that option, which you’ll find underneath the Log in button.

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