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Site users configuring two-factor authentication with WP 2FA

As a WordPress site user, setting up and using two-factor authentication (2FA) is very easy with the WP 2FA plugin; simply follow the wizard. Read this document is you want a more detailed walk-through of the process.

Note: if your users do not have access to the WordPress dashboard and default user profile page, you can make the 2FA settings available on a website page. You can also use these WP 2FA plugin shortcodes to build your own 2FA setup and settings page.

Step 1: Launch the wizard

Launch the two-factor authentication (2FA) wizard by clicking the button Configure 2FA Authentication in the WP 2FA Settings at the bottom of your profile page.

step 1 launch the wizard

Step 2: Select the 2FA method

There are several different 2FA methods you can use. In the first step of the wizard, you select which method you want to use. Note that the website administrators can select which 2FA methods users can use or not use.

step 2 select the 2fa method

Note: WP 2FA supports several 2FA apps, so you are not restricted to use only Google Authenticator. This is also convenient if you use another 2FA app and service for your business, since you do not have to change anything, but simply add a new account.

Step 3: Configure the selected 2FA method

If you choose the one-time code generated with a 2FA app method, you get all the instructions of what you need to do in the second step of the wizard. In short, launch the app and scan the QR code from the wizard. Refer to 2FA apps configuration guides for more detailed information on how to setup 2FA with every specific app we support.

step 3 configure the selected 2fa method

If you choose the one-time code sent over email, in the second step of the wizard you can specify a different email address than the one used for your WordPress user where the email should send the code.

setup the 2fa method

Once you are ready from any of the above click I’m Ready and proceed to the last step of the wizard.

Step 4: Verify the 2FA configuration

In the last step you are asked to enter the one-time code sent to you via email, or generated from the Google Authenticator app to verify and finalize the 2FA setup.

step 4 verify the 2fa configuration

Click Finish once you are ready. That is it, you´re all set up now.

Logging in to WordPress with 2FA

Once you have 2FA enabled on your WordPress user, the next time you want to login you have to specify the username, the password, and the one-time code.

logging in to wordpress with 2fa

Important: Generate the backup codes

When you start using two-factor authentication, it is important to configure the 2FA backup codes. Backup codes are needed in case you cannot access the primary 2FA code-generator. Read Backup codes for 2FA for information on how to create the backup codes and how you can use them.

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