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Configuring the child sites’ WP Activity Log plugin settings from your MainWP Dashboard

The Activity Log for MainWP plugin offers the ability to control certain settings of the WP Activity Log plugin installed on your child sites via your MainWP dashboard area. At the moment you can configure the following:

To configure the settings of the WP Activity Log plugin on the child sites navigate to the Child Sites Activity Log Settings tab in the Activity Log plugin, which is highlighted in the below screenshot.

mainwp activity log extension

Configuring the activity log settings for the child sites

Choosing which sites to apply settings to

Before you enforce any settings, you have to specify to which of the child sites these settings apply. By default, the setting Enforce these settings on in the plugin will not enforce the settings…

enforce these settings on

To enforce the settings to all child sites select All child sites connected to the central activity log.

Alternatively you can apply the settings to only a few sites, by choosing Only the following child sites. This will allow you to pick which sites you wish to control. Simply select the child sites you wish to configure and add them to the right hand column as seen below.

only the following child

Once saved, any settings you configure will apply to the sites you have chosen.

Changing the log retention settings

By default, the plugin setting is set to keep all the logs. To change this setting simply specify Delete events older than, select months or years from the available periods and enter how long you want to retain logs.

Retention settings of the Activity Log

Once saved, you will see confirmation of the settings being applied in your activity log. Please note that you will see an event for each child site you have applied the settings to.

mainwp dashboard

In addition, viewing your retention log settings in your child sites admin area will also reflect this setting has been overridden. Therefore, you will no longer be able to modify this locally.

activity log rentention

If you wonder for how long you should keep the MainWP activity logs. Refer to managing WordPress activity logs best practices for more detailed information.

Excluding event IDs on child sites

To stop monitoring any number of event IDs in the child sites’ activity logs, head to the Disable Events settings in the child site configurations tab.

disable the following event IDs

From here you can enter any number of events you wish. Simply begin typing the event number you want to exclude, and the auto-search will show you suggestions. This will allow you to pick exactly the codes you wish.

Refer to the list of WordPress activity log event IDs for the complete list and information on what change each event ID represents.

Upon saving these settings you will notice an event in the MainWP activity log letting you know the settings have been propagated. When viewing the Enable/Disable Events page in your child sites admin area, you will notice that you will no longer be able to check/uncheck events.

content & comments

Also, any events you have disabled via your MainWP dashboard will of course appear disabled in this view.

How to remove the settings propagation from a site

You can configure any of the above mentioned settings directly from the child site again. Simply remove the child site from the Enforce these settings on setting in the Child Sites Activity Log Settings tab.