benefits & features

WP 2FA is the #1 user-rated 2FA plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use, quick to deploy, and helps you and your users better protect your website and data.

wp 2fa features
  • multiple 2fa method

    Choose from multiple 2FA methods

    Choose from several different 2FA methods, and give your users the option to choose a secure and convenient method for them.

  • 3rd party integration

    Third-party services integrations

    Integrate with the likes of Authy, Twilio, and Clickatell to offer users even more authentication options including Push Notifications and SMS.

  • 2fa policies

    Fully configurable 2FA policies

    Configure different policies and make 2FA compulsory for all the users or specific roles, give them a grace period or require instant setup, and much more.

  • wp 2fa easy to use

    Easy to use & simple to setup

    From initial plugin configuration to user 2FA setup, everything can be configured in minutes with no technical know-how required.

  • wp 2fa trusted devices

    Trusted devices

    Give users the option to add trusted devices so they do not have to manually enter the 2FA code every time they need to log in to the website.

  • wp 2fa trusted device

    Universal 2FA app support

    WP 2FA supports all major 2FA authentication apps, enabling users to use their existing app for a friction-less 2FA implementation..

  • login pages support

    Support for custom login pages

    Whether your customers log in via the default WordPress login page or a custom login page created with a third party plugin or by your theme, you can still use 2FA without requiring any modifications or code changes.

  • 2fa support

    No dashboard access required

    Do you or your users use a custom dashboard or user portal? You can allow users to set up 2FA via a front-end page on your custom user portal with no access to the default WordPress dashboard required to configure and use 2FA.

  • white labeling

    White labeling

    Take control of users’ 2FA journey to keep it consistent with your brand’s look and feel. All 2FA pages, wizards, emails and text can be customized to reflect your brand.

  • ease onboarding

    Ease the user onboarding process

    Enable users to configure and use 2FA without hindering their productivity. The built-in wizards make it as easy as ABC with easy-to-follow instructions and no technical knowledge required.

  • 3rd party plugins

    Compatible with third-party plugins

    WP 2FA has been tested to work with third party e-commerce, user management, and other plugins such as WooCommerce and MemberPress.

  • devices

    Responsive & mobile friendly

    All wizards plugin pages are 100% responsive so you and the users can set up and use 2FA from any device without any loss of functionality.

  • improve login security

    Improve user login security

    Username and passwords alone can pose a security risk, more so with automated login attacks on the increase. Help users protect their accounts and data with two-factor authentication.

  • 2fa users

    2FA usage reports

    The built-in reports give you a breakdown of users’ 2FA status including who has 2FA setup and which methods they’re using for a concise picture of user accounts’ security posture at a glance.

  • Alternative methods

    Alternative 2FA methods

    Alternative 2FA methods enable users to log in even if their primary 2FA method is not available such as their phone running out of power. Different options are available, catering for different users’ needs.

  • multisite network

    Multisite networks compatible

    WP 2FA is multisite compatible and is activated at network level. It enables you to enforce 2FA on all users, sub section of users, or per site. It also supports network setups with different domains.

  • email notification

    Customizable 2FA email notifications

    All emails the plugin sends are fully-editable, including emails sent to users, for complete control over user communication and branding opportunities.

  • boost productivity

    Boost productivity & flexibility

    With a more secure WordPress authentication mechanism your team can work from anywhere without worrying about security.

  • security costs

    Reduce help desk & security costs

    Easy to use and big on features, WP 2FA helps administrators do more with less.

  • customer support

    Customer Support

    WP 2A comes with full customer support, helping you get the most out of the plugin at all times.