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Complete features list – Melapress Login Security

Melapress Login Security enables WordPress administrators and owners to implement strong login security policies. This post highlights the main features of this WordPress plugin.

Password policies

Below is a list of password policies you can enforce and configure with this plugin to ensure strong user passwords:

  • Require both lower and upper case characters in passwords
  • Specify the minimum length (number of characters) of passwords
  • Require numeric digits in passwords
  • Require special characters, such as ! and ? in passwords
  • Configure a Password lifetime period/expiration policy
  • Configurable password history, so users do not use the same password multiple times
  • Reset users’ passwords after first-time login
  • Force user(s) to reset the password on the next login
  • Automatically lock user accounts after a number of failed log-in attempts

Limit failed login attempts

Below is a list of failed login policies you can enforce and configure with this plugin to keep ailed login attempts in check:

  • Configure the number of failed login attempts before an account is locked out
  • Define the period over which failed login attempts are totaled
  • Define what happens after an account is locked
  • Require users to reset their password after account lockout

Restrict user login times

With the user login time policies, you can:

  • Configure on which days of the week users can log in
  • Configure during which hours on those days users can log in

As with all other policies, this policy can be applied to all users or users with a specific role. You can also configure different policies for different WordPress user roles.

Inactive users policy

Below is a list of inactive users policies you can enforce and configure with this plugin to mitigate risks from inactive users:

  • Disable user accounts that have been inactive
  • Require inactive users to reset their password once unlocked
  • Configure the message shown to locked-out users

Other plugin & password security features

When using Melapress Login Security, you can also:

  • One-click integration with third-party plugins, including WooCommerce, LearnDash, and others
  • Reset the passwords of all the users with a single click
  • Exempt specific users or user roles from the password policies
  • Disable the automatic generation of passwords in WordPress (optional)
  • Configure different password policies for different user roles, including custom ones
  • Specify if users’ sessions should be terminated instantly or not when a password is expired
  • Configurable from email address and display name
  • Editable email templates
  • Receive a weekly email with a summary of password activity, such as a list of users who changed their passwords, got locked out, out, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box support for custom login pages
  • Support for custom password reset and user profile pages
  • Legacy applications support; specify which special characters are not allowed in passwords

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