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Say hello to WP 2FA – a new free WordPress two-factor authentication plugin

An administrator should be able to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to a WordPress site easily within minutes. The admin should also be able to configure policies to make 2FA compulsory, and users should be able set up 2FA without requiring any training or technical knowledge.

We started developing WP 2FA with that in mind: develop an easy-to-use yet powerful WordPress two-factor authentication plugin.

Today, I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new plugin, WP 2FA.

Why WP 2FA?

I’ve been using two-factor authentication plugins for as long as I’ve been using WordPress. Two-factor authentication is something that should be used on every WordPress, especially by users who can make changes on the website.

I’ve been recommending a lot of 2FA plugins that I’ve used myself. Most 2FA plugins are good and have a lot of features. However, none of them have configurable policies to make 2FA compulsory, or wizards that can guide users to configure and use 2FA without requiring technical assistance.

Without enforcing 2FA, administrators cannot wholly secure their WordPress sites. Users won’t use 2FA unless they are forced to via a requirement or policy.

That was the main reason why we wanted to develop a WordPress 2FA plugin. We wanted to give the administrators the ability to make 2FA compulsory. On top of that, we also wanted the plugin to be easy to use for both the admins and the users.

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress site – implement 2FA!

The first step to adding two-factor authentication (2FA) on your WordPress website is to enable and use 2FA for your own user. Therefore, when you activate the plugin, a wizard guides you through this straightforward process, as explained in how to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your WordPress user:

Getting started wizard in WP 2FA

Configure the plugin settings

Once you set up 2FA for you, you can also configure the plugin settings through the wizard. For example, you can:

This is just the start!

That’s the first version out: a wizard-driven, easy-to-use, and powerful 2FA WordPress plugin!

A plugin that allows site administrators to set up 2FA on their websites and configure it as a compulsory requirement. A plugin with which users can set up and use 2FA without requiring any technical assistance.

In the coming months, we will develop WP 2FA into a fully-blown two-factor authentication solution for WordPress. We can’t wait to add more new features and support many other 2FA methods with which administrators can boost the security of their website’s login pages and user accounts.

Get better security today.

2FA is a must-have security measure that is endorsed by the biggest names in the industry. WP 2FA makes it easy to add 2FA to WordPress thanks to its helpful wizards, high customizability, and a rich set of features designed to keep you in control at all times. Get started with WP 2FA today.

Stay secure!

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